Paella Parties Is Incomplete Without Perfect Services

Paella descended from the Spanish borders to earn international fame. Since then this extravagant saffron scented, rice and seafood dish has been a show stopper at every wedding reception, feast and backyard get together.


And if anyone knows how to turn up the tempo at Paella parties, it’s Mellissa, the power girl behind VamosPaella. Think of an event for your family, friend, and colleagues and let Mellissa take away all the headaches of organizing it for you.

 They bring in the supplies, set up the place and of course get all the organic ingredients to make that delicious Paella. While the paella is cooking guest can gather around the pan to enjoy the aromatic spectacle. Even the different food preferences of the guest at Paella parties are taken care of! At the end clean up is also done by them.

The menu

Typically three enticing menus have been created, inspired by regional Spanish and Moorish influence. These menus are ideal for any paella party, big or small. And it’s hard to resist those so tempting tapas, salads, bread, salsas, and desserts. Combine them with the menu and you are good to go. Cheese tower served with crackers and homemade chutney is an all time favorite.

The Services

If you want to enjoy your paella parties, good support staff is a must.  VamosPaella can provide courteous and friendly waiting and bar staff. They serve and even clean up afterward.


Apart from cooking delicious Paella and other culinary delights, they can even hire and arrange the table, chairs, linen, glasses, plates and cutlery. Have a theme in mind or may be a particular table decoration or you want to please someone with special flowers; go ahead let them know in advance. See the transformation of your venue into the one you dreamed of, in a matter of hours.

Contact that

Since 2011, VamosPaella is appealing to the taste buds of London, Hampshire, Surrey and beyond. VamosPaella’s reputation is built on quality, services, and the taste. Their excellent services are reliable, cost effective and flexible.

If you are looking for quality catering for your Paella parties then Vamospaella should be contacted.


The art of Paella Corporate Catering

Vamos Paella is not just our business, it’s our passion. We have been offering consistently high standard, delicious, authentic paella food in the UK. Over the years we have had the pleasure to take part in many fabulous celebrations from wedding to corporate events to parties hosted in mansions and on the beach.

Paella is actually a traditional Spanish dish – brimming with chicken, Spanish Chorizo, shellfish, Bomba rice, and saffron, with different variations, enticing everyone with its aroma. But we can easily tailor the dish to the likes of our vegetarian, pescatarians and meat-eater friends. It is one of the most satisfying, impressive and complex meals to serve.


Simple, savory and spicy – we dish up a rich array of diverse, aromatic dishes like the classic Valenciana and Arroz Negro to the all-time favorite gambas al ajillo, pinchos morunos, albondigas, and pisto. Vamos Paella wedding caterers work with you to design a visually stunning buffet as it is enticing to the taste buds. Our inventive and robust Spanish menu offer tapas, paellas, salads, bread and desserts with newly added entrees and appetizers on regular basis.

While our food alone can speak of our dedication, we also understand the importance of service. We pride ourselves in providing stellar customer service from initial meeting to post-party cleanup. Not just Paella corporate catering services, we provide waiting and bar staff and can even arrange table, chairs, linen, glasses, plates and cutleries.


Each Paella dish is made with love, which you can taste in every delicious bite. Coupling the quality of food like elite caterers with our affordable services we have become famous for providing the best Paella in town. The freshness and aroma of spices and the secret of traditional cooking are the perfect way to wow your family and friends.

Hosting a meal through Vamos Paella will be stress-free, affordable and logistically invisible while a paella party will be enjoyable and gratifying as it will provide guest with a flavorful one-pot meal with an international flair. Be sure that once you have had a Paella party, your family and friends will be looking forward to the next one.

We believe – great catering can enable great entertainment that is delicious and enjoyable.

A Passion for Serving Excellence – Vamos PAELLA

The Spanish classic dish – Paella is a one pot delectable treat. If you are planning an intimate party, a corporate lunch, or even a grand wedding reception, host a Paella Party. As Paella is such a diverse dish that it is appreciated and liked by most of the people. You can never go wrong with Paella Party!

Awesome Paella Dishes

If you want caterers who specializes in Spanish cooking, friendly and trained staff, flexible service, want to cater to any number of people then Vamos Paella is the best catering service for you. They cater for Markets, Festivals, Private functions, wedding, corporate lunches and anywhere you can think of.

Why opt for Vamos Paella Catering Service? Vamos Paella boasts of using the best local produce and the finest Spanish ingredients to create piping hot delicious Paellas. The expert culinary team at Vamos Paella can organize the most wonderful Paella Parties. You can team up Paellas with tapas, Sangria, Churros, Salads and other Valencian delicacies. You can add most amazing appetizers from their light bites menu section. There dessert menu comprises of beautiful fruit tartlets, creme brulees and fruit salads.


They have friendly and well trained staff which helps you with smooth planning and perfect implementation of Paella party. They take care of every small detail while executing your party. From setting the tables and chairs, decorating the party venue, serving the dishes, manning the bar and even clearing and packing-up the venue afterwards, so that you can thoroughly enjoy your party. They also help you with logistics and timings while executing the party. Therefore, leaving no stone unturned in making your paella party a great success.

Over the years, Varmos Paella has built up contacts with well-known and creatively inclined music bands, photographers and marquee companies. You can easily contact them them through the website.

They never fail to impress your guests. They provide services at Sussex, Surrey, London, Hampshire and Kent and beyond. For any queries, check-out the FAQ section at their website. Visit their website and send a quote to them now!

Paella Catering Company

The key to a successful birthday party, wedding anniversary, or some other type of personal or business events is excellent catering. You don’t really want to host some event and offer a poor choice of food. Plus, you want everything to be served properly. That’s perfectly reasonable! However, the problem occurs when most catering companies nowadays offer a similar choice of meals and menus. The selection of meals is quite limited and prevents your event from standing out. Do you want to put a stop to that? With Paella catering company you can easily avoid frustrations mentioned above.

Awesome Paella Dishes

Vamos Pallea is a catering company established in 2011, and due to hard work and versatile menus as well as the impeccable organization of events, we have become one of the most sought after catering business. The primary goal of Paella catering company is to bring the spirit and vibes of sunny and vibrant Spain to the rainy and chilly UK.

What makes us different from everyone else? Unlike regular catering meals and menus you get from other companies, Paella catering company offers diversity; we provide something new, things that party/event goers haven’t tried before and thereby making your event stand out. People who attend anniversary, birthday party, corporate event, or some holiday party you’re throwing will remember it for years to come. That’s what you always wanted, right?


Besides catering, our company also provides waiting and bar staff and all the necessary equipment. When you hire us, you don’t have to do anything else regarding the planning and organization of your event. We also deliver tables and chairs, handle the hiring of linens, cutlery, plates, glasses, and so on. Paella catering company doesn’t focus on providing services to a particular type of events. Instead, we handle weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events, and all other kinds of occasions.

With us, every part or event turns into a real fiesta with a broad range of paellas for both meat-eaters and vegetarians. Let’s also not forget our hot and cold tapas and delicious desserts. Paella catering company offers various menus that allow you to combine different meals to suit diverse needs and preferences of party/event goers.

To find out more about our company and food we provide, feel free to visit our website and contact us for more info.

Give Yummy & Luscious Taste to Your Taste Buds with Paella Party in Kent

Want to stay healthy by then seafood is the best. It is so because it is very rich in vitamins and with very bite you feel like heaven. For those who are not that well-versed in the gastronomic experience of seafood, there are actually a few diverse types of seafood cooking that you can go for. Since seafood paella caterer’s number in the hundreds, knowing the style of preparing paella can be your guide in finding the one which would fulfill your present gastronomical cravings. Among them the best one found is paella party in Kent. It is my advice that paella lovers must visit this Vamos paella once.

If you are someone who enjoys their food in the simplest of forms then going for the traditional Paella cooking would be the greatest option for you. If you go for this paella party catering, you can expect to try to eat simple fish fillets with a vegetable side dish that is not perfect easy in style but also rich in taste.


If you would want to venture out a bit on the Eastern way of cooking paella then you can such this catering center is a real spot for you. Expect to see a complete spectrum of color and flavor with each and every dish that is served by Vamos paella. Oriental seafood dishes are truly well known for their assortment of flavor as well as festive and eye pleasing colors. If you would want to have your mouth as well as your eyes water over these exquisite dishes then this variety of seafood cooking would be the one for you.

If you are someone who is into more intense flavors as well as spice packed fishes then Vamos paella in Sussex would be the greatest option for you. There are definitely a huge variety of these spicy and extremely flavor packed paella dishes that you can choose from but some of the common dishes are prawns and lobster. For people who want that extra kick on their seafood dining experience this type of seafood cooking would be for you.


When it comes to paella party choices it really falls down to one’s food preferences. There are a lot of times that people would truly go out of their way just to fulfill the cravings of their palate.

Likewise, there is numerous paella party catering services, scattered all across the city. One could search for the best of them in food guides that contain detailed description of the caterer, quality of food served and ambience of the place to help you satisfy yourself in the best possible way.

Vamos paella would serve you with the best fresh food that you would never had.

Paella Party Catering In Hampshire

Are you organizing a celebration for some special occasion? Do you wish to usual boring menu or you’d favour to spice things up? If you answered yes to both questions then Vamos dish is your go-to catering company.

Regardless of what sort of party you organize, you mostly want it to be special and stand out from all different events. Food is always a good way to stand out. Sadly, several catering firms nowadays provide same menu, same food, and therefore the problem becomes even a lot of severe when that food isn’t even delicious however the consumer paid a high amount of cash for it. Luckily, Vamos paella and our paella party catering in Hampshire services will boost your party, offer delicious foods, and build a special atmosphere. The most effective thing of all, you won’t need to pay an excessive amount of cash like you typically do.


Vamos paella is able to remodel each party, regardless of the occasion, into a proper fiesta. Paella is a dish with a long history and a heart of each celebration. The company was set up by Melissa who spent years in Spain. When being galvanized by Spanish life-style and marvellous cuisine, Melissa decided to bring Spanish temperament back to the United Kingdom and the best way to do therefore was to spread the enjoyment and rhythms of Spain through food.

We offer:

  • Vegetarian paellas
  • Meat and seafood paellas
  • Salsas served with paellas.

Years of expertise have earned as an excellent name among our beloved clients. We’re proud to mention that paella party catering in Kent has very reasonable costs that begin at £9.50 a head. The reasonable costs and super delicious food build United States stand out from valuable and ancient catering firms that fail to deliver an equivalent atmosphere as we tend to do.


Another good thing about choosing Vamos paella for catering your party is waiting and bar workers that we offer just in case you don’t have already got them. Here at Vamos paella, we don’t just build food and cater your party, we have a tendency to take it as our duty to form a correct atmosphere wherever everybody will be happy, cheerful and pleased. Moreover, we additionally try to create things easier for you as a result of we tend to are aware of the fact that party-planning will be stressful.

For a lot of information regarding paella party catering in Hampshire feel free to contact us.

Corporate Paella Parties

Organising a party? Struggling to find a catering service that offers something new rather than standard British lunches, dinners, and snacks? Are you tired of caterers with a bad attitude, poor service, and expensive services? If you answered “YES” to these questions, Vamos Paella is the solution to all your problems.

With us, you have the opportunity to add an theatrical element to your event with Spanish cuisine and delicious meals that we make for every opportunity. This is the only company in your area that can meet and exceed your catering needs and you won’t even have to spend too much money for that.




.Vamos Paella offers more than Paella Party Catering In Hertfordshire, we also provide waiting and bar staff, arrange delivery of tables and chairs, as well as hiring linens, glasses and everything else. With us, you don’t have to worry about anything, we’re here to organize and set everything up,  giving you more time to get ready and relax before the big party.


The best thing about Paella Party Catering In Kent is that we organise different types of events including anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, and corporates events. Regardless of the type of social affair you’d like to arrange, Vamos Paella is the perfect catering choice.



Paella Party Catering In West Sussex includes a delicious range of paellas for both meat-eaters and vegetarians. We have created special menus for different kinds of events to make sure that regardless of the party type, the menu will fit perfectly with the atmosphere and overall theme. That’s not all; to finish off the party with a “bang” we also provide super delicious desserts that range from fruit tarts to crème brulees that your guests will adore. Our paella catering company also offers a selection of evening foods or light bites for wedding guests.

Besides our versatile offer and ability to organise and cater for different kinds of social events, Vamos Paella allows you to make your party stand out by offering something new: food that your guests haven’t tried elsewhere. With Spanish vibes and highly affordable prices, you can be the one who’s going to throw the best party of the year.

Contact us for more info.