Enjoy Your Party With Paella Catering

Neither tortilla nor tapas, paella is the dish that is deeply rooted in the Spain’s gastronomy. It makes a great buffet dish for crowds and the spectacular presentation in the large paella pan is a great attraction for hungry diners.

Paella Catering

Our paella catering services are an extension and expression of who you are and we take that to heart with everything to do to support your event. Our innovative and delicious menus, elegant presentations, and attention to details provide you and your guests the memory of a lifetime.

The process to progress:

Our paella catering coordinator will learn about your vision for the day and your thoughts on food and décor. Each paella menu can be designed around your diet and taste requirements. You can choose one of our menus and be sure to receive authentic paella cooked from scratch, using only the finest, fresh ingredients. Add a traditional Spanish style salad or sweet to complete the meal.

Enjoy the fun and theater of our paella catering chef cooking in our enormous paella pan in front of your guests. Our Vamos paella recipes feature spices and colors that are sure to whet your appetite so talk to us about menu options to enhance your event.

Our paella perfection comes from the tangible affection for the dish itself, from the process of making it and from the people who will be eating it.

 Paella Catering

You can easily judge a good paella by the quality and flavor of the rice, regardless of the variety of “goodies” that are embedded in it. You’ll know the Paella is done right when you and your friends are pushing aside the vegetables, seafood, and other ingredients just to get another forkful of that scrumptiously addictive rice.

Even the socarrat – the light crust achieved at the bottom of the pan, is relished because of the concentration of flavor there.

No other dish has spread around the world like the Paella while our paella catering services cover Sussex, Surrey, London, Hampshire, Kent, Oxford and beyond.

Our paella catering services are completely self-sufficient irrespective of the location of your event or party – in a mansion, marquee, boardroom or a beach.

Simply enjoy your party and let VamosPaella do the paella catering.