Throw A Paella Party And Make Your Next Event A Success

Organizing and hosting a corporate event is in vogue these days. Wondering how to change the vibe at your next team or business meeting with prospective clients? Paella is the answer. Remember there is always one proven way to keep your important people smiling and full – through paella parties.


Irrespective of the type of corporate event you are throwing – corporate luncheons for networking, themed dinner parties to celebrate or a team building event; paella catering can cultivate the appropriate mood and meal options. Organizing a Paella party has loads of benefits:

You can make your event interactive:

Encouraging casual conversation is a great way to network with your guest. Interactive stations encourage your guests to loosen up and interact with each other.

Paella is one of those satisfying, impressive and complex meals ever created. Good paella has several layers of flavor with every flavor different and distinct from the other. Invite your guest to walk up and watch the paella being prepared; how flavors and fragrance build as ingredients are added. This demonstration by the chef often makes your party a memorable one.

You can balance tasty food with health:

Some people are more health conscious and are deliberate about their dietary choices. Offer them healthy options. Most paella catering services can customize the dish to cater to vegetarian guest or accommodate a paella dish free of gluten and meat.

Mix it up:

Get innovative and offer tasty treats to accompany paella. This could be in form of desserts, appetizers or even entrees. Paella catering services by Vamospaella offers hot and cold tapas in vibrant colors, quails egg with cumin, manchego cheese with sweet quince jelly, beautiful fruit tartlets, crackers with home-made chutneys and many other mouth watering desserts. This fun treats gives your guest a talking point during the event and after it has passed.


Those in charge of organizing and planning paella parties know how to keep things fresh and unique time after time. And Vamospaella have years of experience in cooking that perfect paella. Try their paella catering services for your next corporate event. Their menu can accommodate events of all sizes with delicious catering platter options. Best of all, they also take care of the setup and clean up.

Place your order today and make your next corporate event a success.


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