The art of Paella Corporate Catering

Vamos Paella is not just our business, it’s our passion. We have been offering consistently high standard, delicious, authentic paella food in the UK. Over the years we have had the pleasure to take part in many fabulous celebrations from wedding to corporate events to parties hosted in mansions and on the beach.

Paella is actually a traditional Spanish dish – brimming with chicken, Spanish Chorizo, shellfish, Bomba rice, and saffron, with different variations, enticing everyone with its aroma. But we can easily tailor the dish to the likes of our vegetarian, pescatarians and meat-eater friends. It is one of the most satisfying, impressive and complex meals to serve.


Simple, savory and spicy – we dish up a rich array of diverse, aromatic dishes like the classic Valenciana and Arroz Negro to the all-time favorite gambas al ajillo, pinchos morunos, albondigas, and pisto. Vamos Paella wedding caterers work with you to design a visually stunning buffet as it is enticing to the taste buds. Our inventive and robust Spanish menu offer tapas, paellas, salads, bread and desserts with newly added entrees and appetizers on regular basis.

While our food alone can speak of our dedication, we also understand the importance of service. We pride ourselves in providing stellar customer service from initial meeting to post-party cleanup. Not just Paella corporate catering services, we provide waiting and bar staff and can even arrange table, chairs, linen, glasses, plates and cutleries.


Each Paella dish is made with love, which you can taste in every delicious bite. Coupling the quality of food like elite caterers with our affordable services we have become famous for providing the best Paella in town. The freshness and aroma of spices and the secret of traditional cooking are the perfect way to wow your family and friends.

Hosting a meal through Vamos Paella will be stress-free, affordable and logistically invisible while a paella party will be enjoyable and gratifying as it will provide guest with a flavorful one-pot meal with an international flair. Be sure that once you have had a Paella party, your family and friends will be looking forward to the next one.

We believe – great catering can enable great entertainment that is delicious and enjoyable.


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