Paella Party Catering In Hampshire

Are you organizing a celebration for some special occasion? Do you wish to usual boring menu or you’d favour to spice things up? If you answered yes to both questions then Vamos dish is your go-to catering company.

Regardless of what sort of party you organize, you mostly want it to be special and stand out from all different events. Food is always a good way to stand out. Sadly, several catering firms nowadays provide same menu, same food, and therefore the problem becomes even a lot of severe when that food isn’t even delicious however the consumer paid a high amount of cash for it. Luckily, Vamos paella and our paella party catering in Hampshire services will boost your party, offer delicious foods, and build a special atmosphere. The most effective thing of all, you won’t need to pay an excessive amount of cash like you typically do.


Vamos paella is able to remodel each party, regardless of the occasion, into a proper fiesta. Paella is a dish with a long history and a heart of each celebration. The company was set up by Melissa who spent years in Spain. When being galvanized by Spanish life-style and marvellous cuisine, Melissa decided to bring Spanish temperament back to the United Kingdom and the best way to do therefore was to spread the enjoyment and rhythms of Spain through food.

We offer:

  • Vegetarian paellas
  • Meat and seafood paellas
  • Salsas served with paellas.

Years of expertise have earned as an excellent name among our beloved clients. We’re proud to mention that paella party catering in Kent has very reasonable costs that begin at £9.50 a head. The reasonable costs and super delicious food build United States stand out from valuable and ancient catering firms that fail to deliver an equivalent atmosphere as we tend to do.


Another good thing about choosing Vamos paella for catering your party is waiting and bar workers that we offer just in case you don’t have already got them. Here at Vamos paella, we don’t just build food and cater your party, we have a tendency to take it as our duty to form a correct atmosphere wherever everybody will be happy, cheerful and pleased. Moreover, we additionally try to create things easier for you as a result of we tend to are aware of the fact that party-planning will be stressful.

For a lot of information regarding paella party catering in Hampshire feel free to contact us.


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