Paella Parties in Sussex


Are you organizing some special event but aren’t quite sure what catering family to hire? Do you want to mix things up and brighten up the atmosphere with super delicious Spanish dishes? If you answered “YES” to both questions, then Vamos Paella catering company is a great choice for you.

The company has years of experience and brings the combination of the high-quality, fresh seafood and 100-years-old recipes that will make all guests at your special event want more. Vamos Paella showcases a wide array of authentic meals at food markets, festivals and we also throw paella parties in Sussex, cater for birthday celebrations, anniversaries, weddings, even corporate events.

Besides Sussex, we offer food catering in London, Surrey, Kent, Hampshire, and other places in Southern and Central England.

Authentic and delicious recipes aren’t the only reason why you should opt for Vamos Paella for party catering, we also offer 5% discount for all parties with more than 80 guests, free tasting for weddings and much more.


Paella parties in Sussex and catering provided by Vamos Paella can make every event special with tasty meals and dash of Mediterranean in rainy and cold UK. It’s needless to mention that your special event will be the most talked about occasion for months to come. After all, people identify the quality of event itself with the quality of food serve and you can never go wrong with Vamos Paella.

For all inquiries, feel free to contact us via contact form, phone, or send as an email. Also, you can check experiences our clients had with our catering company by navigating to the Reviews tab on our official website.


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